The Starseed Team


" To me, flying is not about fabrics, lines and engines - or airplanes for that matter. It’s not about falling out of airplanes or doing the most radical stuff to feel alive. To me flying - and especially paramotoring - is about the total freedom it brings: ultimately without the need for gadgets and fancy, man-made contraptions to lift you up. I can fly by just thinking of leaving the ground. It’s yoga in the air. It’s about piloting with your soul. It’s almost religious."

Trond Nyman Aarre


Trond is passionate about aviation and is recognized as the Nordic pioneer of paramotoring back in 1988. He has more than 2000 flight hours, is a licensed instructor in paramotoring and paragliding and a former skydiver and ultralight pilot. In Starseed, Trond serves as chairman, sales & marketing manager, test pilot and business developer. With more than 20 years of experience as an innovation catalyst, brand developer and creative technologist, he takes pride in giving good ideas the best possible start and a happy life. By nature, Trond is restless - he believes in being curious and open, inclusive and dedicated. Trond's credo is simple: Rather advance than repetition and be truly different and show consistency in everything you do, from ideas via strategies to communication tools. Trond is often seen with dark sunglasses due to a medical condition after a LASIK surgery that didn't go as expected.


Given his Danish roots, Steffen has from early childhood been surrounded by the Danish design culture and has therefore gained a nuanced understanding of the key elements of Scandinavian design: simplicity, minimalism and functionality. In 2011, Steffen graduated with a MSc Industrial Design from Architecture & Design, Denmark. Since then he has brought different products to life and each time with the user in focus. As Head of Design at Starseed, it is his responsibility to take care of design and innovation aspects of the company’s products and services. A natural part of his work is to master the user-centered design process and through this transform early ideas into production-ready products and services that not only meet customer needs but are beyond their expectations. For him it is crucial to find good and innovative solutions to existing problems and combine them in a sophisticated and simplified yet beautiful design without compromising the flight experience.

Chief Technical Officer

Lars Ove is a certified mechanic, with 28 years of extensive and varied experience as a mechanic / hydraulic in the offshore industry. In Starseed, Lars Ove contributes with ideas and technical solutions as close to the design and concept sketches as technically possible and with an ever-present focus on the best possible practical performance. His vast mechanical experience is used for strength calculation and optimization of geometry. He is otherwise responsible for assembly, technical testing and quality control at all stages of the Starseed production. Lars Ove has almost 30 years of flying experience with paragliding and paramotoring and was in 1990 the designer of Skywalker One, the Nordic region’s first commercial paramotor model. Few, if any, have built up and serviced as many paramotors for the Norwegian market as Lars Ove.


Matteo Asnicar is based in Italy and recognized as one of the world's best designers of engines for paramotoring. For a number of years Matteo has been researching and developing new cutting-edge engine systems and associated technologies. The result is e-Flight e-82, an engine of the highest quality, highest possible reliability and packed with technologies not previously used in paramotoring. In 2009, he developed the first inverter for paramotor engines for Per Il Volo (Miniplane). In 2011, he developed the first 2-stroke paramotor with electronic gasoline injection. In 2013 he started working for Per Il Volo (Miniplane) with responsibility for developing the Top 80 engine and others, all with electronic fuel injection. In 2014 he participated at Coupe Icare with a large innovation set consisting of four different engines with electronic fuel injection. In 2016, the first paramotor landing was made at the top of Mont Blanc (4808 m) and made possible as a direct result of engines with electronic fuel injection. In 2017 he created the first Miniplane frame for Per Il Volo with anti-pivot system. Matteo is now launching its new e-82 engine, a successor to the Top 80, but with a whopping 12kg more thrust and reliability that sets a whole new standard in the industry.