Starseed® X2
Balanced perfection,
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Active Flight Style
Reclined or upright position
Integrated fuel sensor
100% titanium frame
Multi-sectional frame
Snap-on™ net with easy tensioning
Magnetic KickStand™
180° clear view
Lightweight and compact
In-flight refueling system
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Starseed is lightweight, well designed, well made. The tiniest of details are beautiful on it. The welds are superb. The engineering that went into it is more than any others that I’ve come across, and I have come across many. It flies great, like an extension of your body. It’s not cheap in quality nor price. It is well worth the money, unlike many other high priced ones that aren’t so nice, but only pricey. 

Ai Humlae

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Starseed X Limited edition is without a doubt the best paramotor ever made! Parajet Maverick has been a good experience for me, but Starseed is really in a class of its own. Everything just shines with the highest possible quality, incredible details and overall perfect design. A true masterpiece! Thank you for letting me buy one of these wonderful machines.

Espen Norman Hoel

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Starseed has changed my life. I spent the last years choosing between paramotor or free-flight in order to save time for my family or have a relaxing, comfortable, quiet, aerodynamic flight. Starseed met my needs exactly, without complications or safety compromises. I was accompanied in my choice with patience, passion, friendship and clarity, especially in the selection of the motor to combine with the frame: Atom80 is great !!! I received a high quality product and a great after sales assistance to set up the whole gear. In the end, I also earned some money because I sold my two paramotors to fly a unique one.

Alessio Duchi

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The Starseed Fusion and X Limited edition frames have the best design I had in my hands since years. This is pure passion for paramotoring. My customers and myself love the handling, weight shift and the feeling, better than any other they had before. It’s definitely more like free flying. The first time you try the frame you’ll enter another world. Mission accomplished!

Stephan Walkowiak, Germany
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I have flown the Seed! Loved it! First off I noticed an improved ability to run with the machine - I think due to the more centralised weight distribution of the tank. On lift off, I immediately entered the sitting position and WOW! I was immediately rewarded with less torque effect, more thrust and playful and responsive weight shift. My fuel efficiency was much improved. You get rewarded with coordinated sporty handling, feedback and a more relaxed pilot position, non of which exist on anything else I’ve yet flown to this extent. I'm now leading students on their cross country flights with the Seed. It's really great!

Tim King

The Para Lab, UK
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The new Starseed Fusion is the answer to all of my dreams. It's revolutionary, it's out of this world - and for the first time I don't feel I have a paramotor on my back. It's totally integrated with my body. I have wings. Vision completed.


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First impression of Starseed Fusion:
IT'S AMAZING! Every detail!

Christian Reuter


Meet Starseed® X2: Our signature model

The Starseed® X2 caters to a wide range of pilot preferences. Whether you're a pilot who enjoys relaxed, reclined flights with a lunch packed for distant journeys, or someone who thrives on full-speed, acrobatic maneuvers close to the terrain, the X2 is designed for you. It uniquely supports both flying styles, effectively offering two paramotors in one.

Engineered for lightness, compactness, and balance, the X2 is compatible exclusively with Vittorazi Atom 80, Corsair N80, and Corsair Black Bee 125 engines. Like all models in the Starseed® range, it features an innovatively raised fuel tank that doubles as a back panel. This design allows for free airflow around the pilot and maximizes engine thrust, making it suitable even for heavier pilots by providing thrust comparable to larger engines.

The Starseed® X2 epitomizes our commitment to top-tier engineering and the belief that only the best is sufficient, unbound by technical constraints.


Sophisticated simplicity

The Starseed® X2 is a masterclass in 'Sophisticated Simplicity', expertly balancing flight characteristics, feel, aerodynamics, safety, design, and flexibility. At its core is the star hub, a central anchor point that eliminates twisting and adds rigidity to the entire paramotor structure.

Enhancements in the Starseed® X2 over the Starseed X include:

  • All-new titanium swing arms, offering unparalleled strength.
  • A new hang point system utilizing Dudek straps for improved stability and comfort.
  • An updated double anti-torque system for enhanced control and performance.
  • A newly integrated, lighter, and more streamlined magnetic system to securely lock the retractable leg.
  • Redesigned fuel inserts to prevent any unintentional bending of the fuel line.
  • Strengthened bottom sections and an upgraded retractable leg system for increased durability and reliability.

These innovations make the Starseed® X2 a standout in the field, reflecting our commitment to excellence and continual improvement

Excellent flight characteristics

All airframes are not equal

A common misconception among pilots is that all airframes offer similar flight characteristics and feel, but this couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, the airframe is a critical element that significantly influences the flying experience. The Starseed® X2 stands out in this regard, offering an unmatched level of integration, relaxation, and dynamism. It elevates the flying experience to new heights, distinguishing itself from other airframes with its unique blend of features and capabilities.

Excellent flight characteristics

An extension of your body

The Starseed® X2 represents the epitome of integration and completeness; it's designed to feel and act as a natural extension of your body. This paramotor is more than just a piece of equipment – it becomes a part of you, both on the ground and in the air. Its behavior and responsiveness set it apart from most, if not all, other paramotor airframes currently available on the market. The Starseed® X2 offers an unparalleled flying experience, intuitively connecting with its pilot in every maneuver.

Excellent flight characteristics

An all-new standard for handling – and landing

Starseed® X2 introduces an unprecedented level of control and efficiency. Achieved through extensive testing, we've perfected the balance between thrust line, arm attachment points, riser attachments, and flying position. The X2 features two hang point settings, allowing pilots to choose between a more reclined flight and landing or a fully upright landing position, tailoring to individual preferences for a superior flying experience.

Out of this world design

A 10-liter fuel tank for action – and relaxation

The Starseed® X2 comes equipped with our new 10-liter fuel tank, meticulously designed for versatility. It caters to a more classic upright flying position, ideal for racing, acrobatics, and agile fun flying, while also excelling in a relaxed position akin to paragliding. Like all Starseed® fuel tanks, this new tank is positioned to become the back panel, allowing free airflow around the pilot and maximizing engine thrust. Our innovative vented fuel cap system eliminates fuel leakage and prevents fuel odor when the tank is not in use, enhancing the overall flying experience.

Excellent flight characteristics

An all-new standard for handling

Starseed Fusion gives you an all-new level of direct control, with incredible efficiency. Based on years of extensive testing, we have landed what we believe is the perfect balance between the thrust line, the arm attachment points, the raiser attachments, and the reclined flying position.

In-built fuel sensor

No more fuel guesswork with our digital sensor

Introducing our optional, state-of-the-art digital fuel sensor – accurate, reliable, and devoid of moving parts. Fully integrated into the fuel tank, this sensor ensures precise fuel level readings. Accompanied by the clear and compact PPG Meter, it allows pilots to monitor remaining fuel levels effortlessly at any moment, enhancing safety and convenience during flights.

Multi-function fuelling system

Starseed Fuelbag

Polls indicate that 80% of pilots typically fly for less than an hour per flight. However, for those embarking on extended cross-country (XC) flights, our optional custom-designed flexible fuel tank is a game-changer. Conveniently housed inside our front fuel container, it enables pilots to carry up to 9.5 liters of additional fuel. This innovative system allows for direct pumping of fuel into the main tank on your back, significantly extending your flight duration.

Out of this world design

Lightweight and compact

The Starseed® X2, featuring a 140 cm hoop, is the ultimate machine for travelers and explorers. Its design focuses on being both lightweight and incredibly compact, making it the perfect choice for adventurers seeking mobility and convenience.

Out of this world design

180° clear view

The innovative S-shaped top strut of our design offers excellent separation from the hoop, ensuring an unobstructed view of your wing. This feature allows you to comfortably tilt your head back for a direct upward view, even while wearing a helmet. Say goodbye to take-offs without a thorough check of your wing – enhanced visibility is now at your fingertips.



The new MKII SuperLight paramotor harness is the most advanced and feature-rich option available. It's also the only fully certified paramotor harness on the market, meeting both EN and LTF standards. A side-mounted reserve pocket comes standard with this harness. When paired with the Starseed® X2 and its single-strap hang point option, this setup allows you to completely get out of the harness, ensuring the safest possible landing.


Apco Paramotor Pod (for Apco SLT MKII)

The Apco Paramotor leg cover Pod, designed for the Apco SLT MKII harness, features openings both at the top and the bottom. During take-off and landing, it conveniently stows against the chest using a magnetic attachment. Once airborne, pilots can effortlessly step into the pod through the bottom opening, enhancing comfort and aerodynamics during flight.


A harness for every pilot

The new MKII SuperLight paramotor harness is the most advanced and feature-packed paramotor harness available. It is also the only fully certified paramotor harness on the market, having passed both EN and LTF standards. A side-mounted reserve pocket is standard.


Apco Paramotor Pod (for Apco SLT MKII)

The Apco Paramotor leg cover Pod for the Apco SLT MKII harness can be opened both from top and bottom. During take-off and landing, it is stowed against the chest with a magnetic attachment. Once in the air, the pilot can easily step into the pod from the opening underneath.

Out of this world design

Magnetic KickStand

Our Magnetic KickStand system guarantees that the paramotor remains stable and secure on the ground when not in use. As you prepare for take-off, the Magnetic KickStand swiftly slides away from your feet and then reattaches to the rest of the frame. It locks into place using two powerful Neodymium magnets, ensuring a smooth and unobstructed transition into flight.

Out of this world design

Snap-On Net with easy tensioning

The sophisticated Snap-On Net, crafted from Dyneema and our exclusive rubber formula, offers superb ease of assembly and mounting, even in temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius. In just two minutes, you can be ready and at the front of the take-off queue. This netting features ratcheting buckles for tensioning, ensuring it remains taut and secure at all times.

Excellent flight characteristics

Dual anti-torque system

Our dual anti-torque system incorporates two key features. Firstly, the arms are offset relative to the frame, aligning vertical forces with the arms to create a rigid assembly. This design prevents any twisting that could lead to bent swing arms. Secondly, offset anti-torque blocks mounted on the arm tips further reduce twisting on the back. These blocks adjust the center of mass sufficiently to minimize the torque turning moment. This system is particularly effective for larger, high-torque engines, ensuring smoother and more stable flight.

Smart parking and storage solutions

Multi-sectional frame for transport and storage

We've put in significant effort to ensure ease of assembly and a compact size when disassembled. The bottom sections and the leg can be separated from the star hub in just a couple of minutes. With the Starseed® X2, you'll be ready for take-off in just a few minutes.

Fusion videos

Video 1
Video 2
Out of this world design

100% titanium frame

The Starseed® X2 is constructed from the highest-quality titanium and welded inside a vacuum chamber to ensure optimal performance. Titanium is 40% lighter than steel and boasts corrosion-resistant and anti-fatigue properties: no rust, no cracks, no peeling paint, ensuring it always maintains its pristine appearance.


Optimized for Vittorazi and Corsair motors

The Starseed® X2 is optimized for lighter motors such as the Vittorazi Atom 80, Corsair N80, and Corsair Black Bee 125, offering the most integrated, compact, and balanced setup available.

Why fly Starseed

Starseed X and Starseed XF are made in Norway with true love for sophisticated simplicity. Our little titanium starships bridge the gap between paragliding and paramotoring and providing the best possible mix of handling and weight shift capabilities without compromising stability. In short, a Starseed paramotor feels and acts like an extension of your own body, propels you right into the air with an incredible efficiency, and deliver the best flying experience to date, with the most futuristic design and a footprint light as air.

Starseed X is totally out of this world! The geometry, anti-torque system, weight shift capabilities and the uncompromising attention to details are all just second to none. Just the smart parking and storage solutions in itself are amazing!
Fa Brizio, Italy
In short, this machine is better than anything else I've flown!
Øyvind Asbjørnsen, Norway
Overall the thinking and design I feel is revolutionary.
Robert Kittila, USA
I have never before seen a frame that is so promising as the Starseed X! The geometry is what all frames should have and the features and eye for simplicity is 100% according to my own visions for what a paramotor frame should be.
Matteo Asnicar, Italy
Starseed is the only paramotor I know of where you can let yourself feel the flow as it behaves like an extension of yourself.
Ulrik Falck, Norway




The Starseed® X2 air frame is made of an optimal mix of Titanium Grade 2 and Grade 5.


Starseed® X2

  • Outer hoop diameter: 1400 mm
  • Air frame with fuel tank and arms, without bottom sections mounted: Height: 595 mm x Width: 520 mm x Depth: 160 mm
  • Air frame with fuel tank, arms and bottom sections mounted: Height: 900 mm x Width: 630 mm x Depth: 220 mm


Starseed® X2

  • Star hub with fuel tank and arms, without bottom sections, struts, hoop sections and Snap-on net: 4230 grams (4,2 kg)
  • Star hub with fuel tank, arms, bottom sections, struts, hoop sections and Snap-on net: 7148 grams (7,1 kg)
  • Star hub with fuel tank, arms, bottom sections, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net and Apco SLT MKII harness: 9670 grams (9,6 kg)
  • Star hub with fuel tank, arms, bottom sections, struts, hoop sections, Snap-on net and Vittorazi Atom 80, no harness: 18,41 kg
  • Star hub with fuel tank, arms, bottom sections, struts, hoop sections, Snap-on net, Apco SLT MKII, carabiners and Vittorazi Atom 80 with all fittings, ready for fuel: 20,93 kg

Other weights

  • Apco Paramotor Pod: Less than 800 grams



The harness is delivered standard with reserve container, pocket and speed bar pulley setup. Read more here.

Apco Paramotor Pod for SLT MK II

Unlike free flying pod harnesses the Paramotor Pod has an opening both from the top and the bottom. It is stowed against the chest with a magnetic attachment during take-off and landing. Once in the air the pilot can pull it out and step into the pod from the bottom opening which is easy and intuitive. Read more here.

Engine mounting plates

Available engine mounting plates

Starseed® X2 is purpose designed for Vittorazi Atom 80, Corsair N80 and Corsair Black Bee 125.

Integrated Fuel Sensor

Temporarily withdrawn from the market

Our optional digital fuel sensor, custom made by Fly Henry for Starseed Ltd. to perfectly fit our fuel tank, is accurate and reliable, without any moving parts, and fully integrated into the fuel tank. The PPG Meter, a clear and compact flight computer from Fly Henry with a wide variety of features, can be mounted onto the swing arms and allows you to see the remaining fuel level and more at any time.

Please note:

Due to inconsistent product quality in our integrated fuel sensor, we have decided to temporarily withdraw the product until we can confirm that the product quality is stable. This ensures that as a pilot, you receive the safety and quality you expect from a Starseed product.

In-flight refuelling system

Available now

9.5 liters soft bladder placed into our Starseed® front container with manual pump and check valve to secure a fast transfer of fuel into the main fuel tank.

Transport/storage bag


Our high quality padded frame bag is made out of Cordura 1000D and YKK zippers. The bag has four padded rooms; one for the struts and hoop sections, two rooms for a propeller up to 130 cm (2 part), and one room for tools. All walls are padded using a protective and unbreakable EPP foam material.


We are currently running a campaign with 50% discount

Normal price is EUR 3290. After discount the price is EUR 1645 ex. VAT and shipping. The reason for the discounted prices are lack of titanium raw material which also results in a limited availability of spare parts. We are working on a new strategy to fix these issues within Q1/23.

Please note: The campaign price is only available with engine adapter plates for Vittorazi Atom 80 and Corsair N80/Black Bee 125/Black Devil Pro.

To purchase your own personal Starseed® X2, please contact our team manager at


Printed manual and video manual

The Starseed® X2 manual is under development. Until it is ready you may download the original Starseed X manual from here.