Our Story

Starseed was first established in 2015 under the brand name Soulpilots. In 2020, the company changed its name to Starseed AS (Ltd.). However, the company's origins started way back in 1984. In the following, we present our timeline with the most important milestones through text, photos and film.


The early start

At the age of 14, Trond Nyman Aarre travelled by passenger plane for the first time. During the landing at Stavanger Airport late at night, Trond saw the indigo blue landing lights, which made a big impression on him ­– without him knowing exactly why. The spiritual indigo blue lights stayed in Trond's dreams every night for several weeks, and he just had to bring the lights home to the boys’ room. Trond went trespassing – climbing over the fence to Stavanger Airport to take nocturnal pictures of the indigo blue landing lights on the runway. These very landing lights became the start of Trond's lifelong fascination for and dedication to aviation and air sports. The Starseed logo has the same Pantone colour as the colour radiating from the indigo blue landing lights. It is part of the story that Trond was arrested by the airport guard – but then released as he was fascinated by how far Trond would go to reach his goal :-)

The original photo taken in 1984


The first paramotor flight in Norway

Trond Nyman Aarre and Espen Munthe were trained as paramotor pilots in Augsburg, Germany, with the German photographer Achim Mende as instructor. At the same time, a PagoJet BG11 paramotor was purchased by musician and designer Bernd Gärtig. Well back home in Norway, the first paramotor flight was performed on Skeie airfield approximately a 45 minute drive from Stavanger.


The evaluation committee for the legalisation of paramotoring

Our Team Manager, Trond Nyman Aarre, 17 at the time and already a dedicated skydiver and paragliding pilot, pioneered paramotoring in the Nordic countries and was the first paramotor pilot and instructor in Norway. Trond chaired the first evaluation committee for the legalisation of paramotoring under the the Norwegian Airsport Federation. Lars Ove Lofthus became the first official paramotor student in Norway.

Trond with the clothespin throttle well planted in his mouth.
Lars Oves first flight (1989)


The development of Skywalker One

PagoJet BG11 was still in excellent condition, but Trond and Lars Ove decided that the design could be both lighter, more affordable and not least with a better design and with significantly better flight characteristics. In collaboration with the Danish aviation pioneer Vincent Seremet, Trond and Lars Ove designed and engineered the first Nordic paramotor model called Skywalker One. 10 copies were manufactured to be sold in Norway and Denmark. 

Skywalker One



Insight is king

Trond and Lars Ove purchased all of the most well-known frames and engines in the market for active testing. The work of specifying their dream machine starts. In the next few years, the acquisition of other paramotor models gives them a thorough understanding of what is happening in the market at all times, and helps them finding the optimal reference models. 


Partnering up with Evo Aviation

Trond Nyman Aarre and Lars Ove Lofthus allied with Miro Arsov (Evo Aviation, Bulgaria) for the development of a new generation of paramotors. First prototype saw the light.


The end of partnership with Evo Aviation and a new partnership with the reputable industrial designer Steffen Mølgaard.

After several prototypes and some testing, the collaboration was abruptly ended. Both partners agreed to further develop the new generation of paramotors with different angles and approaches and split teams for good. Miro Arsov launched the 'Rebel'.

Trond and Lars allied with the reputable industrial designer Steffen Mølgaard as a new partner and co-owner of Starseed. The work with Starseed X got a much more professional and methodical approach than they had experienced before.

Lars Ove Lofthus and Steffen Mølgaard discusses the Starseed X tank before production of the third prototype.
3D printed prototype of the tank
Steffen is testing one of the first prototypes of the Starseed X fuel tank.


Prototyping of the upcoming Starseed X

Two prototypes were developed and duly tested. With the goal of an almost perfect framework, work continued on further optimisation at all levels and according to our visions and philosophy of 'Sophisticated Simplicity'.

Partnering up with Fabrizio Tieghi and Matteo Asnicar

Starseed partnered up with Matteo Asnicar (Italy) to develop the new engine, Starseed Engine e82, and Fabrizio Tieghi (Italy) as an ideator and test pilot for an all new cocoon version of the Starseed X.

Fabrizio Tieghi
Matteo Asnicar


New prototypes of the upcoming Starseed X

Two new Starseed X prototypes were developed. Although we were initially ready for launch, we wanted further insight and response from the market. Several experienced pilots around the world were engaged as members of our Starseed focus group to give ideas for further improvements towards the perfect air frame. 

First prototype of the Starseed Engine (e-82)

The first working prototype of the Starseed e82 designed and made by Matteo Asnicar, e-Flight Inc, sees the light. The engine is purpose designed for the Starseed air frames. And what an engine! A small revolution coming up!

Starseed e82 by e-Flight

Trond Nyman Aarre's 30th anniversary of skydiving and flying paramotors and paragliders

On the 16th of September 2018 our founder Trond Nyman Aarre celebrated his 30th anniversary of skydiving and flying paramotors and paragliders.


Starseed X launch at Coupe Icare

Starseed X is born and launched at Coupe Icare with an overwhelming response from world champions, fellow pilots, good friends and media visiting our stand.

Start of the development of Starseed XF

The development of a new model - Starseed XF - continues. Hundreds of tests, more than 10 prototypes with all kind of manual and electric gas dampers tested. And in the end we totally saw the light - to be loyal to the vision and brand promise of sophisticated simplicity.

Latest prototype of the Starseed XF until we saw the light with a capital L! After all, our brand promise is and always will be Sophisticated Simplicity. The less complicated, the better.


Starseed XF is born

Starseed XF is born and represents an all new class of paramotors by representing the missing link between paragliding and paramotoring.

The start of a new lower-cost model

Team Starseed goes all in to develop a new lower-cost starship model with the goal of creating the ultimate bridge between paragliding and paramotoring. To cope with this, the titanium machined construction of the Starseed X / XF must be simplified to the utmost, without compromising on either quality, flight characteristics, strength - or the uncompromising and highly efficient design our Starseed airframes are known for. After 11 prototypes and hundreds of hours of testing in our hangar and in the air, the concept direction Starseed Fusion is born. A real ‘Thermal Booster’ flies best with a pod harness and/or leg cover pod. Therefore, the development and testing of our own pod harness is high on our priority list, alternatively adapting and optimizing the Apco Paramotor Pod cover leg for our purpose. Nothing is as fun as concept development, prototyping and testing on the ground and in the air, something Trond Nyman Aarre and Fabrizio Teighi can happily sign!


Starseed featured in Paramotor Magazine

February 2021
Starseed Ltd. and our team manager Trond Nyman Aarre featured in Paramotor Magazine. The full article can be downloaded from here.

Starseed Fusion is born

29th of May 2021
Our all-new Starseed Fusion delivers a reclined flying position for a relaxed paragliding feel. We have achieved this by raising the specially designed fuel tank to become the back panel; new swing arms, and properly balanced geometry of both the Starseed Fusion star frame and optimized harnesses.

Team Starseed celebrating our newest creation, the Starseed Fusion.

Launch of Starseed Fuelbag

20th of December 2021
According to polls, 80% of all pilots fly less than one hour per flight. But for those very long XC flights, an optional custom designed flexible fuel tank placed inside our front fuel container allows you carry up to 9.5L of extra fuel and pump fuel directly into the main fuel tank on your back. The in-flight refuelling system Starseed Fuelbag is so far only available for Starseed owners, but a generic stand-alone version for all paramotor brands will be available in January 2023.


Starseed Fusion reviewed by Paramotor Magazine

February 2022
We are both honored and humbled to read the review of our Starseed Fusion in the 02/22 edtion of Paramotor Magazine. You can download and read the review here.


Starseed X2 is born 🚀

1th of January 2023
Some pilots feel most at home with a relaxed and reclined flying style, with a packed lunch and thermos on their way to a destination far, far away. Others enjoy flying full speed upside down or more active close to the terrain. Our signature model, the Starseed X2, happens to support both flying styles, thus being two paramotors in one.

To reach our goal of a light, compact and balanced paramotor, the X2 is only available for Vittorazi Atom 80, Corsair N80, and Corsair Black Bee 125. As on all Starseed models, the fuel tank is raised to become the back panel, thus providing a free flow of air around the pilot and getting more thrust out of every engine on the market. As a direct result, even heavier pilots will find the X2 delivering almost just as much thrust as on larger engines.

Compared to the former version, Starseed X, the X2 has the following new features:

  • All-new titanium swing arms with extreme strength for full acro
  • New hang point system using Dudek straps
  • Updated double anti-torque system
  • New integrated, lighter and simplified magnet system to lock the retractable leg, compared to the gas damper system used on the X model.
  • New fuel inserts for eliminating any break on the fuel line
  • Stronger bottom sections and optimised retractable leg system
  • And several smaller iterations for the perfect airframe

Starseed X2 is a result of true engineering and the vision that only the best is good enough, free from technical limitations.

Starseed Fuelbag now available

1st of January 2023
Finally, we are officially launching our fuelling system, the Starseed Fuelbag. Starseed Fuelbag is a multi-purpose system with at least three systems in one. It is for those who enjoy long XC flight and needs the maximum fuel capacity, or for those who want to replace their existing solid fuel tank for a lighter, more balanced and flexible setup. Visit our product page here.

All product configurations supported by Starseed Fuelbag

Starseed Fusion discontinued

1st of January 2023
Although Starseed Fusion has been a very successful and popular model, we regret to inform you we are forced to discontinue this beautiful model. This is a direct result of a very problematic delivery situation of aircraft grade raw titanium materials. It is no secret we earlier bought the raw materials from Russia. This is no longer possible due to the sanctions against Russia as a direct result of the war in Ukraine. We have tried to reach the same titanium quality from other countries, but both the materials itself and the welding has not been according to our high standards.

For Starseed X2, our signature model, we still have a decent number of spare parts available.

We are now working hard to find the best possible strategy to overcome the situation due to the sanctions. We believe we have the best possible news in not so long time :)

The product page is still available under the /Discontinued tab here.

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