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Starseed Fuelbag
Three fuelling
systems, in One.

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Starseed is lightweight, well designed, well made. The tiniest of details are beautiful on it. The welds are superb. The engineering that went into it is more than any others that I’ve come across, and I have come across many. It flies great, like an extension of your body. It’s not cheap in quality nor price. It is well worth the money, unlike many other high priced ones that aren’t so nice, but only pricey. 

Ai Humlae

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Starseed X Limited edition is without a doubt the best paramotor ever made! Parajet Maverick has been a good experience for me, but Starseed is really in a class of its own. Everything just shines with the highest possible quality, incredible details and overall perfect design. A true masterpiece! Thank you for letting me buy one of these wonderful machines.

Espen Norman Hoel

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Starseed has changed my life. I spent the last years choosing between paramotor or free-flight in order to save time for my family or have a relaxing, comfortable, quiet, aerodynamic flight. Starseed met my needs exactly, without complications or safety compromises. I was accompanied in my choice with patience, passion, friendship and clarity, especially in the selection of the motor to combine with the frame: Atom80 is great !!! I received a high quality product and a great after sales assistance to set up the whole gear. In the end, I also earned some money because I sold my two paramotors to fly a unique one.

Alessio Duchi

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The Starseed Fusion and X Limited edition frames have the best design I had in my hands since years. This is pure passion for paramotoring. My customers and myself love the handling, weight shift and the feeling, better than any other they had before. It’s definitely more like free flying. The first time you try the frame you’ll enter another world. Mission accomplished!

Stephan Walkowiak, Germany
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I have flown the Seed! Loved it! First off I noticed an improved ability to run with the machine - I think due to the more centralised weight distribution of the tank. On lift off, I immediately entered the sitting position and WOW! I was immediately rewarded with less torque effect, more thrust and playful and responsive weight shift. My fuel efficiency was much improved. You get rewarded with coordinated sporty handling, feedback and a more relaxed pilot position, non of which exist on anything else I’ve yet flown to this extent. I'm now leading students on their cross country flights with the Seed. It's really great!

Tim King

The Para Lab, UK

Meet Starseed Fuelbag

Starseed Fuelbag is a multi-purpose system with at least three systems in one. It is for those who enjoy long XC flight and needs the maximum fuel capacity, or for those who want to replace their existing solid fuel tank for a lighter, more balanced and flexible setup.

The replaceable soft fuel bladder is protected inside a front-mounted fuel container and allows you to carry up to 9.5L of extra fuel. When needed you pump the fuel directly into the main fuel tank on your back. The Fuelbag is purpose designed for Starseed pilots but also works perfectly on third-party fuel tanks with two inserts (one available).

Price ex VAT and shipping: EUR 420

Premium quality

Light and robust

Over the years, many manufacturers have tried various soft fuel bladder designs, and solid fuel tanks mounted in front containers - only to experience fuel leaks and bulky installations. Not with Starseed Fuelbag!

Our specially manufactured soft fuel bladder is protected by our custom designed Cordura-based front container and is manufactured from a unique blend of materials designed to last for many years.

The soft fuel bladder is a closed system, with no need for venting, and where the fuel bladder is compressed as the fuel is converted into magical flights.


Setup 1: In-flight refuelling system for Starseed fuel tanks

If you are the lucky owner of a Starseed X/X2 or Fusion, this is the ideal set-up with up to 20 litres of fuel for even the longest flights. Starseed Fuelbag Setup #1 connects to your Starseed X/X2 10 liters main fuel tank or Starseed Fusion 8 liters fuel tank in under 2 minutes and is the most ideal solution to increase flight time to over 5* flight hours. With Starseed Fusion you get over 4* flight hours.

* Measured with Vittorazi Atom 80, Corsair N80 and Corsair Black Bee 125


Setup 2: In-flight refuelling system for third-party fuel tanks

Do you have a paramotor from a manufacturer other than Starseed Ltd? No problem! Starseed Fuelbag with 9.5L soft fuel bladder supports connection to any fuel tank. The only requirement is that your fuel tank has two (or more) inserts for connecting to fuel lines - and that one of these is free. The system connects to your fuel tank in 5 minutes and increases the flight time by over 2.5 hours on the Vittorazi Atom 80, Corsair N80 or Corsair Black Bee 125, in addition to the flight time you get with your main fuel tank.


Setup 3: Solid fuel tank replacement

The feeling of flying with the Starseed Fuelbag as the only fuel tank is an amazing experience! Not only do you save weight, but our solution also prevents you from kicking the fuel tank during takeoff, the transparent soft fuel bladder gives you a full overview of the fuel status when you want, and you can carry the paramotor to takeoff with less weight than ever before. And best of all - you will experience a perfectly balanced setup, both on the ground, during takeoff and in flight. Highly recommended!

Product demo

Starseed Fuelbag demo

Press the Play icon to see the Starseed Fuelbag Setup #1 in use on our customer Thomas Müller's own personal Starseed Fusion. Video credit: Thomas Müller.

Excellent flight characteristics

An all-new standard for handling

Starseed Fusion gives you an all-new level of direct control, with incredible efficiency. Based on years of extensive testing, we have landed what we believe is the perfect balance between the thrust line, the arm attachment points, the raiser attachments, and the reclined flying position.




Our specially manufactured soft fuel bladder is protected by our specially designed Cordura-based front container and is manufactured from a unique blend of materials designed to last for many, many years.


External measurements

Starseed Fuelbag (outer dimensions): Height 300 mm x Width 320 mm x Depth 145 mm.


Complete without fuel

  • Starseed Fuelbag: 949 grams

Individual weights

  • Starseed Front Container: 684 grams
  • Soft fuel bladder: 265 grams


What is in the box?

Each Starseed Fuelbag is delivered ready to use and includes:

  • Front-mounted container with 2x quick-release steel connectors
  • 9.5L soft fuel bladder (replaceable)
  • Fuel line quick connector
  • 1.5m fuel line (Tygon)
  • Porex fuel filter
  • Fuel pump with built-in one-way valve
  • One regular fuel cap with an O-ring seal
  • One custom fuel cap with 1/4" BSP dual fuel nipple with a seal, O-ring and nut
  • Hose clamps
  • 1/4" BSP 90 degrees nipple for direct tank mount onto the Starseed fuel tanks*

* A custom attachment system is needed for other third-party fuel tanks without a 1/4" BSP inlet. Starseed recommends mounting the fuel line onto the available fuel inlet and fastening using the included fuel clamps. See the photo of configuration 2 for an idea of how to mount the Starseed Fuelbag using this method.


Excluding VAT and shipping: EUR 420