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Unveiling the Starseed® Stellar: Merging applied art with future-proof modularity 

Since the very start of Starseed®, our passionate dedication to crafting premium paramotors and our relentless pursuit of excellence have continually pushed boundaries. Yet, we recognized that large-scale production unintentionally distanced us from our foundational love and philosophy of creating small series of uncompromising applied art paramotors. This realization sparked an exhilarating transformation within Starseed®. In wholeheartedly embracing this change, we've revisited our roots. Our focus now is not just on crafting an exquisite paramotor model, but on creating a genuine marvel of applied art. 

Filled with great pride and genuine excitement, we're thrilled to unveil our transformative creation: the all-new Starseed® Stellar. This essential innovation sums up every lesson we've learned and all the boundaries we've pushed, reaching beyond what seemed possible.

The Starseed® Stellar is more than just a testament to our past and present; it builds upon the refined qualities of the Starseed® X, X2, XF, and Fusion amplifying them with significant innovations that surpass our past achievements. Envisioned as a shining example of smart sophistication and high performance, the Stellar embodies the essence of premium quality, exquisite design, exceptional flight characteristics, and future-proof modularity. This makes it as delightful to admire, as it is to fly, and to own, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. 

Promising an extraordinary paramotor experience, the Starseed® Stellar showcases innovative advancements, perfected geometry, and 100% robotic machining of all parts. This approach guarantees razor-sharp precision, the finest tolerances, and unmatched consistency. Constructed from the highest quality aluminum, the Stellar model surpasses traditional limitations of welded production, ensuring unparalleled quality and durability. Each component is subject to a rigorous hard anodization process, significantly enhancing its already impressive durability. The Stellar’s smart, sophisticated design strikes an ideal balance between rigidity and lightweight construction, maintaining durability without compromise.

With the introduction of Starseed® Stellar, we have achieved our long-standing vision of a singular, modular airframe that seamlessly incorporates all desirable features and functionalities. As a result, Stellar stands as a robust, versatile platform that represents the embodiment of future-proof modularity. This crucial advancement propels us into a future full of numerous possibilities for innovation. The inherent adaptability of Stellar serves to minimize operating costs over its lifetime and simplify the process of upgrading or replacing individual parts, thereby extending its lifespan. Moreover, this flexibility enables the creation and integration of new components, add-ons, and applications, showcasing Stellar's unparalleled versatility. It also allows for the development of bespoke airframe versions, each based on the same platform but carefully adapted to accommodate a wide array of pilot profiles, thereby catering to diverse needs and preferences.

As we gear up for the launch of the Stellar, we are now offering a 50% discount on our current flagship model, the Starseed® X2, available now for just EUR 1645.

As a final note, to honor our enduring admiration for Peter Pan and his magical realm of endless possibilities, and to mark a new era in our journey, our legal company name is transitioning to Neverland Ltd. Just like in Peter Pan's Neverland, our new Starseed® Stellar ensures that Starseed® will certainly never 'land', as we continuously aim for the stars in the realm of applied art paramotors. Our valued Starseed® will continue as our external communication brand.

To infinity and beyond, with all our love,
Team Starseed

Press Contact:
Trond Nyman Aarre
Team Manager, Starseed®
+47 950 50 555

About Starseed®

The roots of Starseed® can be traced back to 1988, even before its formal establishment, when it began shaping the Nordic paramotoring scene. For over 34 years, our unwavering dedication to the art and science of flight has been evident. Our journey was spearheaded by our Team Manager, Trond Nyman Aarre, the first paramotor pilot and instructor in the Nordic countries, who set the direction for Starseed®'s future. The introduction of our first paramotor model, the Skywalker One, in 1990 marked the beginning of this adventure. Since then, we have engaged in continuous collaboration with pilots and technical experts worldwide, constantly improving and innovating. This dedication has propelled us to lead in technological advancements and design innovations. Today, we proudly present the Starseed® Stellar, a testament to our passion, expertise, and relentless pursuit of excellence. This significant milestone reflects our commitment to challenging the status quo, aiming for the stars, and delivering paramotors that capture pilots' hearts and minds while ensuring unparalleled flight performance. At Starseed®, we craft more than just paramotors - we create pieces of applied art that empower pilots to embrace the freedom of flight and touch the sky. Looking forward, we remain committed to our tradition of collaboration and innovation, constantly striving to elevate the paramotoring experience to new heights.