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Starseed X2
Balanced perfection,
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Starseed FuelbagThree fuelling
systems, in One.

Starseed X2 is for those who enjoy flying full speed upside down or more active close to the terrain, but also want to fly relaxed and reclined like the now discontinued Starseed Fusion, thus looking for two paramotors in one. Starseed X2 is focused around the lighter, compact and balanced engines, such as Corsair N80, Vittorazi Atom 80 and Corsair Black Bee 125.

Starseed Fuelbag is for those who enjoy long XC flight or wants to replace their existing solid fuel tank for a more balanced setup. Our soft fuel bladder is placed inside a front fuel container and allows you to carry up to 9.5 L of extra fuel. EUR 420.

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First off I noticed an improved ability to run with the machine due to the more centralised weight distribution of the tank. On lift off, I immediately entered the sitting position and WOW! I was immediately rewarded with less torque effect, more thrust, much improved fuel efficiency and playful and responsive weight shift. You get rewarded with coordinated sporty handling, feedback and a more relaxed pilot position, non of which exist on anything else I’ve yet flown to this extent. I love flying the Seed!

Tim King

The Para Lab, UK
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Starseed is lightweight, well designed, well made. The tiniest of details are beautiful on it. The welds are superb. The engineering that went into it is more than any others that I’ve come across, and I have come across many. It flies great, like an extension of your body. It’s not cheap in quality nor price. It is well worth the money, unlike many other high priced ones that aren’t so nice, but only pricey.

Ai Humlae

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Starseed X2 is without a doubt the best paramotor ever made! Parajet Maverick has been a good experience for me, but Starseed is really in a class of its own. Everything just shines with the highest possible quality, incredible details and overall perfect design. And the feeling in flight .. WOW! A true masterpiece!

Espen Norman Hoel

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The Starseed Fusion and Starseed X2 frames have the best design I had in my hands since years. This is pure passion for paramotoring. My customers and myself love the handling, weight shift and the feeling, better than any other they had before. It’s definitely more like free flying. The first time you try the frame you’ll enter another world. Mission accomplished!

Stephan Walkowiak, Germany
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Starseed meet my needs exactly, without complications or safety compromises. I was accompanied in my choice with patience, passion, friendship and clarity, especially in the selection of the motor to combine with the frame: Atom80 is great! The efficiency of this frame means I don't need a Moster 185 anymore. I received a high quality product and a great after sales assistance to set up the whole gear. I also earned some money because I sold my two paramotors to fly a unique one. Starseed has changed my life.

A. Duchi