Every step we've taken, every challenge we've faced, and every dream we've chased has led to this moment.

Merging applied art with our passion for sophisticated simplicity, our quest for perfection, and our commitment to future-proof innovation, we proudly present the culmination of this journey: the exquisite Starseed® Stellar 🌟 Prices start at EUR 3440, excluding the harness, excl. VAT and shipping. For more details, please refer to our press release in the NEWS section. We are now accepting orders, with a delivery time of 3 weeks from the confirmation of your order.

Support all flying styles
Robotic machining for razor-sharp precision in every detail
Multi-sectional frame for future-proof modularity
Dual anti-torque system: Easy setup swing arms
Magnetic Kickstand: Wide-leg stability
10 liters versatile fuel tank
180° clear view
Snap-On Net with easy tensioning
Throttle Cable Guide for smooth, kink-free mounting
In-flight refueling system for long XC and thermal flights
Testimonial Image

Starseed is lightweight, well designed, well made. The tiniest of details are beautiful on it. The welds are superb. The engineering that went into it is more than any others that I’ve come across, and I have come across many. It flies great, like an extension of your body. It’s not cheap in quality nor price. It is well worth the money, unlike many other high priced ones that aren’t so nice, but only pricey. 

Ai Humlae

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Starseed X Limited edition is without a doubt the best paramotor ever made! Parajet Maverick has been a good experience for me, but Starseed is really in a class of its own. Everything just shines with the highest possible quality, incredible details and overall perfect design. A true masterpiece! Thank you for letting me buy one of these wonderful machines.

Espen Norman Hoel

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Starseed has changed my life. I spent the last years choosing between paramotor or free-flight in order to save time for my family or have a relaxing, comfortable, quiet, aerodynamic flight. Starseed met my needs exactly, without complications or safety compromises. I was accompanied in my choice with patience, passion, friendship and clarity, especially in the selection of the motor to combine with the frame: Atom80 is great !!! I received a high quality product and a great after sales assistance to set up the whole gear. In the end, I also earned some money because I sold my two paramotors to fly a unique one.

Alessio Duchi

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The Starseed Fusion and X Limited edition frames have the best design I had in my hands since years. This is pure passion for paramotoring. My customers and myself love the handling, weight shift and the feeling, better than any other they had before. It’s definitely more like free flying. The first time you try the frame you’ll enter another world. Mission accomplished!

Stephan Walkowiak

FlyAPCO.eu, Germany
Testimonial Image

I have flown the Seed! Loved it! First off I noticed an improved ability to run with the machine - I think due to the more centralised weight distribution of the tank. On lift off, I immediately entered the sitting position and WOW! I was immediately rewarded with less torque effect, more thrust and playful and responsive weight shift. My fuel efficiency was much improved. You get rewarded with coordinated sporty handling, feedback and a more relaxed pilot position, non of which exist on anything else I’ve yet flown to this extent. I'm now leading students on their cross country flights with the Seed. It's really great!

Tim King

The Para Lab, UK
A Stellar unveiling

Merging applied art with future-proof modularity


Starseed® Stellar: A proud return to our roots

Since the very start of Starseed®, our passion for crafting premium paramotors and pursuit of excellence have consistently pushed boundaries. Realizing that scaling up production distanced us from our original focus on small series of uncompromising applied art paramotors, we've embraced an exhilarating transformation back to our roots. Our aim now goes beyond creating just an exquisite paramotor model; we're crafting a genuine marvel of applied art.

With great pride and excitement, we're thrilled to unveil our latest achievement: the all-new Starseed® Stellar. This creation embodies all the lessons we've learned and boundaries we've pushed, exceeding what seemed possible.


A Stellar promise

The Starseed® Stellar advances beyond our previous models like the X, X2, XF, and Fusion, featuring substantial innovations that set new benchmarks. Designed as a fusion of intelligent sophistication and peak performance, the Stellar exemplifies top-tier quality and design, alongside exceptional flight dynamics and future-proof modularity. We co-developed the Starseed® Stellar in collaboration with customers and test pilots, meticulously refining every detail to achieve optimal performance. Its elegance is as captivating on the ground as its agility is in the air, embodying our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation. The Stellar not only looks impressive but also introduces specific, cutting-edge enhancements that redefine what our aircraft can achieve.


Crafting the future

Our mission is compelling: 'Because the world's best paramotor is yet to be created'. Starseed® Stellar, born from countless iterations and visionary concepts, serves as both a stepping stone and versatile platform toward greater achievements. We aim for a paramotor so light and seamless it feels virtually invisible, rejecting the outdated concept of bulky, inefficient designs. On Stellar, the elevated fuel tank doubles as a back panel, optimizing air flow and thrust with any engine. This innovative platform transforms limitations into opportunities for limitless customization. We don't just push boundaries; we redefine them. We envision a future where art meets function, balancing design and features while minimizing footprint. The future is Stellar, and it's within your reach.

Our guiding star

Sophisticated simplicity

Excellent flight characteristics

An extension of your body

Starseed® Stellar is the state of being total and complete; it feels and acts like an integrated extension of your body. It is a part of you, both on the ground and in the air, and behaves differently from most, if not all, paramotor airframes on the market. The heart is the StarCore, which acts as an anchor point throughout the design, eliminating twisting and stiffening the whole airframe.

Excellent flight characteristics

An all-new standard for take-off, handling, and landing

Starseed® Stellar's new geometry, refined through dozens of iterations, achieves a perfect balance among thrust line, arm attachment points, raiser attachments, and flying position. The arm points are closer to the frame's center of gravity, enhancing stability and offering unprecedented direct control. This perfected geometry ensures a consistent flying angle regardless of fuel load and simplifies upright landings. It also minimizes torque twist during take-off and flight, enhancing weight-shift capabilities for a remarkable flying experience.

Out-of-this-world design

Strength, function, weight, and design in perfect harmony

From day one, our vision was clear: to create the ultimate dream machine blending strength, function, weight, design, and future-proof modularity. After four groundbreaking models, Starseed® Stellar isn't just a checkbox—it's a statement of passion and perfection. As we embark on this next chapter, we invite you to join us in chasing even bigger dreams. The horizon is limitless, and together, we'll keep redefining the extraordinary.

Excellent flight characteristics

One paramotor, infinite flying possibilities

For many pilots, various forms of flying bring unparalleled joy. Some enjoy leisurely cross-country flights, captivated by distant destinations; others seek thrills launching from plains and riding thermals. Yet others chase adrenaline through inverted flights or skimming close to the ground. By using either a stirrup or pod harness, Stellar's setup—with its strategically placed fuel tank and perfected geometry—closely mimics the paragliding experience. Whatever your passion, Starseed® Stellar is not just a paramotor; it's a versatile flight companion designed to fulfill every pilot's dream by combining the capabilities of multiple paramotors into one exceptional machine.

We deliver

Out-of-this-world design

Out-of-this-world design

All airframes are not created equal

Hold onto your helmets, pilots. If you think all airframes are the same and only the engine sets paramotor brands apart, get ready for a revelation. The airframe shapes your flight, and Starseed® Stellar is more than just that—it's the essence of flying, the milestone you didn't know you were missing. Prepare for a balanced, exhilarating flight like no other. Stellar is here to redefine sky's limits.

Out-of-this-world design

A modular airframe for the future

Starseed® Stellar is our vision realized in a singular, modular airframe that seamlessly integrates all desired features, emerging as a dynamic, future-proof platform. This design not only fosters innovation but ensures longevity, making upgrades easy. The StarCore is the central element, connecting all modular parts and offering unmatched flexibility. It paves the way for adding new components, from third-party trikes to cameras and strobes. Stellar also enables bespoke versions, tailored to diverse pilot profiles and preferences, all based on the same foundational platform.

Out-of-this-world design

Perfection down to the smallest detail

Starseed® Stellar embodies sophisticated simplicity. Every single part of the airframe is manufactured using high-precision CNC robotics, ensuring unmatched consistency and razor-sharp precision. Crafted from top-quality aluminum, Stellar surpasses the limitations associated with welded titanium and is further enhanced by hard anodization. This approach ensures extremely fine tolerances for a seamless assembly experience, fully compatible with future batches of spare parts. Stellar's design achieves the optimal balance between rigidity and lightweight construction, without sacrificing durability.

Out-of-this-world design

We've merged all signature Starseed® features into one model, enhanced by innovations that exceed our past accomplishments.


180° clear view

Experience unparalleled clarity with the Starseed® Stellar. Its innovative S-shaped top strut creates a generous separation from the hoop, gifting you an unobstructed, panoramic view of your wing. Now, effortlessly tilt your head back—even with your helmet on—and gaze directly upward. Say goodbye to take-offs without a comprehensive wing check. Your flight, elevated with added safety!


Magnetic KickStand

Discover Starseed® Stellar's elegance. Even at rest, it stands proud and unwavering. Preparing for take-off, a gentle push smoothly retracts the Magnetic KickStand, which locks securely via integrated Neodymium magnets. Post-flight, ground Stellar using the pedal on the Magnetic KickStand, easily activated by foot. With a leg wider and more stable than previous Starseed® models, Stellar stands firmer than ever. Elevate your pre-flight routine into a graceful experience.


Snap-On Net with easy tensioning

Refine your flight preparations with our premium Snap-On Net, fashioned from durable Dyneema® and enriched with a unique rubber blend. Assembly is now a seamless experience, even in conditions as cold as -15 degrees Celsius. Within a mere few minutes, you're prepped and ready for take-off. Our ratcheting buckles ensure both swift setup and lasting tension. Delve into a refined flight preparation journey.

Excellent flight characteristics

Dual anti-torque system

In the realm of aerodynamic design, our dual anti-torque system blends form and function. It features precise alignment of offset arms with the frame for a nearly twist-free structure, and specially designed anti-torque blocks at the arm's tip that reduce rear twists to a minimum. These blocks harmonize the center of mass, enabling high-torque engines to operate smoothly. Enjoy a flight characterized by both elegance and stability.


Swing arms for varied blocks and add-ons

Introducing our redesigned swing arms: a blend of form, function, and modularity. Sculpted for strength and mindful of weight, their contours offer ample space and comfort for your forearms. Integrated openings allow easy attachment of Dudek hang straps, adaptable to individual weight. Paired with Starseed® Stellar's optimized geometry, they expand the pilot weight range from 65 to 120 kg. For specific flight needs, such as entering the thermal booster realm with a pod harness, the system accommodates various offset blocks, anti-torque setups, and future add-ons. Experience this crafted balance of aesthetics and engineering.


Throttle Cable Guide: Smooth mounting, no kinks

Say goodbye to unexpected throttle surges from poor throttle cable installation. The Throttle Cable Guide ensures that the cable is mounted in a smooth and even arc, eliminating sharp kinks. This results in a professional and secure mounting on both the left and right sides of the Starseed® Stellar.

No limitations

Built for long rides wherever you go

A smart fuel tank

10-liter versatile fuel tank

The Starseed® Stellar comes equipped with our versatile 10-liter fuel tank, crafted for both the classic upright flying stance—ideal for race, acro, and agile fun flights—as well as the relaxed, reclined position reminiscent of paragliding. Elevated to serve as the back panel, this tank design ensures optimal airflow around the pilot, maximizing thrust for any engine available. Additionally, its vented fuel cap system safeguards against leaks and eliminates fuel odors when not in operation.

Multi-function fuelling system

Starseed Fuelbag

Surveys show 80% of pilots fly less than an hour per flight, but for longer journeys, we've got you covered. Introducing our custom-designed soft fuel bladder, fitting neatly into our front fuel container. It adds an extra 9.5L, easily transferred to your main tank. While specially crafted for Starseed® airframes, its adaptable design can fit most third-party tanks with the right fittings.

Smart transport and storage solutions

Multi-sectional frame for transport and storage

Designed for your convenience, the Starseed® Stellar assembles quickly and becomes compact when disassembled. In just a few minutes, you can detach the bottom sections and leg from the star hub, preparing you for your next adventure. Note: Always consult our user manual for the best transportation practices, especially when transporting Stellar on a car trailer or bike rack.

Smart transport and storage solutions

Stellar Framecase

To complement the exceptional design of the Starseed® Stellar, we have meticulously crafted a practical padded frame case specifically tailored to this majestic paramotor. Constructed from durable Cordura 1000D fabric, the bag features high-quality YKK zippers. Thoughtfully designed, the case includes integrated slots for the secure storage of essential frame components and two dedicated compartments for tools. Inside the bag, there is space to accommodate two protective propeller covers. Every wall of the bag is reinforced with protective and resilient EPP foam material, ensuring unparalleled safety and longevity for your Starseed® Stellar. Additionally, the durable and practical Snap-On net is accompanied by its own bag for convenient transport and protection.

Our partners

Harness & motors



The MKII SuperLight paramotor harness stands as the most advanced and feature-packed paramotor harness available. Remarkably, it's also the only fully certified paramotor harness on the market, meeting both EN and LTF standards. This harness includes integrated attachment points for the Apco Paramotor Pod. While we recommend the Apco SLT MKII, the Starseed® Stellar remains fully compatible with any harness that has LOW hook-in points.

Harness Pod

Apco Paramotor Pod

The Apco Paramotor Pod, designed for the Apco SLT MKII harness, can be accessed from both the top and bottom. During take-off and landing, it is securely stowed against the chest using a magnetic attachment. Once airborne, pilots can effortlessly step into the pod through the bottom opening. It's ideal for extended XC and thermal flights, cold weather conditions, and achieving that authentic paragliding sensation. The Paramotor Pod is perfect for the Starseed® Stellar, providing the closest experience to a reclined paragliding seating position.


Designed for Corsair and Vittorazi motors

The Starseed® Stellar has been meticulously optimized and rigorously tested with various motors, including the Corsair N80, Corsair Black Bee 125, Corsair Black Devil Pro, Vittorazi Atom 80, Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus, and Vittorazi Moster 185 Factory R. Our new engine mounting plates not only offer the most integrated, compact, and aesthetic setup available, but they also ensure quicker engine mounting on the Starseed® Stellar compared to most competing systems—even for pilots without mechanical experience.

Safe and clean installation

Direct vs. pump: Starseed's take

Every Starseed® Stellar comes standard with an additional custom red fuel cap featuring an integrated blow line for easy, streamlined fueling into the carburetor. This method is recommended by most engine professionals and eliminates the hassle, reducing risks like vapor lock and sudden engine-outs. If you still wish to use a fuel pump, the Starseed® Stellar has integrated attachment clamps on the engine plates for mounting the pump on either the left or right side of the engine. Additionally, there are dedicated points for secure and aesthetic installation of the fuel lines, safeguarding them from wear, friction, and high engine temperatures.



Carefully chosen blend of materials

The Starseed® Stellar airframe is constructed from a carefully selected blend of aircraft-grade aluminium 6082-T6 and titanium Grade 2 (hoop sections). Each of the aluminium components undergoes a rigorous hard anodization process, which further enhances its already impressive durability.


Starseed® Stellar

  • Outer hoop diameter: 1400 mm
  • Airframe with fuel tank and arms, without bottom sections mounted measures 615 mm in height, 440 mm in width, and 200 mm in depth.
  • Airframe with fuel tank, arms and bottom sections mounted measures 930 mm in height, 630 mm in width, and 260 mm in depth.


Starseed® Stellar airframe only

  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, and engine mounting plate with all fittings: 8.57 kg.
  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, Apco SLT MKII harness, and engine mounting plate with all fittings: 11.24 kg.

Starseed® Stellar with Cors-Air N80 (float carb version)

  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, engine mounting plate with all fittings, and Cors-Air N80: 18.52 kg.
  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, engine mounting plate with all fittings, Apco SLT MKII harness, and Cors-Air N80, ready for fuel: 21.19 kg.

Starseed® Stellar with Cors-Air Black Bee 125

  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, engine mounting plate with all fittings, and Cors-Air Black Bee 125: 22.57 kg.
  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, engine mounting plate with all fittings, Apco SLT MKII harness, and Cors-Air Black Bee 125, ready for fuel: 25.24 kg.

Starseed® Stellar with Cors-Air Black Devil Pro (clutch version)

  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, engine mounting plate with all fittings, and Cors-Air Black Devil Pro: 24.17 kg.
  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, engine mounting plate with all fittings, Apco SLT MKII harness, and Cors-Air Black Devil Pro, ready for fuel: 26.84 kg.

Starseed® Stellar with Vittorazi Atom 80

  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, engine mounting plate with all fittings, and Vittorazi Atom 80: 19.07 kg.
  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, engine mounting plate with all fittings, Apco SLT MKII harness, and Vittorazi Atom 80, ready for fuel: 21.74 kg.

Starseed® Stellar with Vittorazi Factory R

  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, engine mounting plate with all fittings, and Vittorazi Factory R: 22.27 kg.
  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, engine mounting plate with all fittings, Apco SLT MKII harness, and Vittorazi Factory R, ready for fuel: 24.94 kg.

Starseed® Stellar with Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus (manual/clutch version)

  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, engine mounting plate with all fittings, and Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus: 22.87 kg.
  • Star hub complete with fuel tank, arms, struts, hoop sections, Snap-On net, engine mounting plate with all fittings, Apco SLT MKII harness, and Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus, ready for fuel: 25.54 kg.

Other weights

Apco Paramotor Pod: Less than 800 grams.



The harness is delivered standard with reserve container, side pocket and speed bar pulley setup.

Apco Paramotor Pod for SLT MKII

Unlike free flying pod harnesses the Paramotor Pod has an opening both from the top and the bottom. It is stowed against the chest with a magnetic attachment during take-off and landing. Once in the air the pilot can pull it out and step into the pod from the bottom opening which is easy and intuitive.

Engine mounting plates

Available engine mounting plates

Starseed® Stellar is currently available with engine mounting plates for the following engines:

  • Corsair N80
  • Corsair Black Bee 125
  • Corsair Black Devil Pro
  • Vittorazi Atom 80
  • Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus
  • Vittorazi Factory R

Starseed Fuelbag


Each Starseed® Fuelbag is delivered ready to use and includes:

  • Front fuel container with 2x quick release steel connectors
  • 9.5L soft fuel bladder (replaceable)
  • Fuel line quick connector
  • 1.5m fuel line (Tygon)
  • Porex fuel filter
  • Fuel pump with built in one-way valve
  • One regular fuel cap with O-ring seal
  • One custom fuel cap with 1/4" BSP dual fuel nipple with seal, O-ring and nut
  • Hose clamps
  • 1/4" BSP 90 degrees nipple for tank mount

Fits Starseed® fuel tanks and other third-party fuel tanks with 1/4" BSP female inlet. For other fuel tanks without a 1/4" BSP inlet a custom attachment system is needed.

Starseed Framecase


Our meticulously crafted padded Starseed Framecase, specifically designed for the Starseed© Stellar, is constructed from durable Cordura 1000D fabric and features high-quality YKK zippers. The bag includes integrated slots for secure storage of the most essential frame components, along with two dedicated compartments for tools. All walls of the bag are fortified with protective and resilient EPP foam material, ensuring unparalleled safety and durability.

User manual

Starseed® Stellar

Coming soon: A comprehensive guide for the Starseed® Stellar, integrating a user manual, service manual, and construction manual. This in-depth resource is currently in development and is expected to be available for download here by January 2024, enhancing your understanding and experience with the Starseed® Stellar.

Price of Stellar

Excluding VAT and shipping costs: EUR 3890

The price includes: Complete Starseed airframe with all components, including your choice of engine mounting plate for supported engines, Starseed Framecase, Apco SLT MKII harness with emergency parachute pocket, bridles, safety straps, and all fittings, ready for motor installation.

The price excluding the complete Apco SLT MKII harness is EUR 3440.