Starseed X
Simplicity is the ultimate


Starseed X
Everything you need,
nothing you don’t.


Starseed X
If you can't believe your eyes,
trust your heart.


Starseed X
Made in Norway with love
for sophisticated simplicity.

Starseed x

Starseed X is the new standard for light, compact, strong, sexy and futuristic paramotors and a footprint light as air.

Customer quotes

Starseed X is totally out of this world! The geometry, anti-torque system, weight shift capabilities and the uncompromising attention to details are all just second to none. Just the smart parking and storage solutions in itself are amazing!
Fa Brizio, Italy
In short, this machine is better than anything else I've flown!
Øyvind Asbjørnsen, Norway
Overall the thinking and design I feel is revolutionary.
Robert Kittila, USA
I have never before seen a frame that is so promising as the Starseed X! The geometry is what all frames should have and the features and eye for simplicity is 100% according to my own visions for what a paramotor frame should be.
Matteo Asnicar, Italy
Starseed is the only paramotor I know of where you can let yourself feel the flow as it behaves like an extension of yourself.
Ulrik Falck, Norway
Why fly Starseed X
The Starseed X is made in Norway with true love for sophisticated simplicity. It feels and acts like an extension of your own body and gives you a totally new level of control. Its optimised aerodynamics propels you right into the air with an efficiency never seen before. In short, Starseed X delivers the best flying experience to date, with the most futuristic design and a footprint light as air.

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Telephone: +47 950 50 555

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