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Where can I buy a Starseed paramotor?

Our company relies on a worldwide network of professional dealers to ensure accurate post sale support, targeted to the needs of every single customer. Here you can find a list of our dealers, to whom you may address for all the commercial and technical information about our paramotors.

How can I order spare parts? Can I direct my request to Starseed?

Starseed does not make direct sales to the customer. To purchase our products, you need to contact our dealers. Search for the one closest to you.

Could you please send me your updated price list?

Starseed Inc. sends its price lists to authorized retailers only. Look for the nearest dealer in your country. If no dealer exists in your country, you may apply for a dealership contract here.

Is it possible to test the Starseed paramotors before buying them?

Most dealers give the opportunity to test Starseed Fusion both on the ground or in flight. In some fairs where allowed, the manufacturers may let you test the newest Starseed gear.

What happened to Starseed X and Starseed XF?

The Starseed X is a premium frame only available from Starseed HQ in Norway. This is due to the very high cost price as a result of the use of machined titanium. All Starseed X sold before May 2021 are now being sold with our new 7.5L fuel tank. If interested in purchasing a Starseed X, please click the floating blue icon in the lower right corner to contact us.

Starseed X and Starseed XF shares the same frame. The only difference is XF is delivered with a front mounted flexible fuel tank and the X is delivered with a back mounted solid fuel tank.

While Starseed X is still in production and being sold by Starseed HQ only, the Starseed XF is now out of production.

I would like to be a Starseed dealer, what can I do?

You can send your request via this form and be a professional in the Starseed sales network. The application will be evaluated soon by our Sales Manager.

Can I buy directly from you? I am a private customer.

Starseed does not sell directly to private customer. To purchase our products, you need to contact our dealers.

Which paramotors are out of production?

Starseed XF (discontinued since May 2021). This model is replaced by the Starseed Fusion or the Starseed X (v2). You may also upgrade your existing Starseed XF to Starseed X with our all-new solid fuel tank raised to be the back panel.

In my country there are no Starseed dealers, to whom do I address my request?

You can request spare parts from the nearest dealer, otherwise you can contact the seller or the sales network of your aircraft.

What is the warranty period of the paramotors?

All Starseed paramotors are covered for a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase of the paramotor.

Why are there so few Starseed dealers on the dealer map?

Until May 2021 Flystarseed.com was the only contact point for ordering Starseed paramotors. The Starseed Inc. is a small but very dedicated team of pilots always striving for perfection. To be able to continue focusing on creating the best possible paramotors, we need a dedicated dealer network . Our new dealer program was launched on the 29th of May. Expect new dealers to arrive shortly.

Where can I find spare parts for the paramotors out of production? How can I order the spare parts?

We keep spare parts in stock for all Starseed paramotors for ten years after the model was made available to the market. Spare parts for these models are always available at the Starseed Inc. in Norway. Please click the floating blue icon in the lower right corner to contact us.

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How can we help you?

We value our customers greatly, and are always here to help. If you have any questions, queries or comments feel free to drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Frequently asked questions

Which products du you sell?
We sell paramotor airframes without engine, wings and associated accessories and parts.
Can i order by telephone?
All orders must be made via our online store or by e-mail: hello@flystarseed.com. This is to ensure that all orders come into our order system and help you get the best possible service.

Our Order Office og Customer Experience Team are based i Stavanger, Norway and our contact hours are: Weekdays 7am-4pm GMT.  
Do you have a showroom?
Yes we have! Please contact us for an appointment. Also, if you live abroad and would like to see and/or demo a Starseed we have thrusted partners and ambassadors in many countries around the world. Please contact hello@flystarseed.com for further assistance.
Can I get a discount?
We will always do our very best to keep the prices down. At the same time, it costs to develop and constantly develop what we believe is the new standard for paramotors. Therefore, we do not currently have the opportunity to enter into agreements on discounted prices. Our prices are therefore fixed and not indicative.
Is Starseed a brand or a company?
Starseed X® and Starseed X Feather® are registered trademarks of Starseed AS(Inc.) in Norway and/or other countries.

Starseed HQ

Starseed AS
Selevegen 371, 4354 Voll

To get in touch, give us a proof of life by hitting the sky blue button down to the right.

Starseed X®, Starseed XF® and Starseed Fusion® are registered trademarks of Starseed AS(Inc.) in Norway and/or other countries.

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