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The Starseed X airframe design delivers an all new integrated sensation and feels and acts like an extension of your own body. The unique design concept gives you a completely new level of direct control and a felt gear shift which propels you right into the air with an incredible efficiency. Based on extensive testing over the last four years and many prototypes later, we have landed the perfect balance between the thrust line, the arm attachment points and the raiser attachments. This provides the best possible mix of handling and weight shift capabilities without compromising stability.

Furthermore, there is a reason why backpacks are designed to be worn on your back and not between your legs :-) On Starseed X, the fuel tank is raised to become the back panel and thus provides free flow of air around the pilot compared to the more traditional paramotor designs. This allows us to get more thrust out of every engine on the market - only with less noise and less fuel consumption. Even the smaller and lighter engines deliver remarkably better performance with the optimised aerodynamics found on Starseed X.

In short, the synergy of all these factors is fantastic and delivers what we consider the best flying experience to date.


Timeline of Starseed


During a landing at Stavanger Airport late at night, Trond saw the indigo blue landing lights, which made a big impression on him. He just had to bring the lights home to the boys’ room. Trond went trespassing – climbing over the fence to Stavanger Airport to take nocturnal pictures of the indigo blue landing lights on the runway. These very landing lights became the start of Trond's lifelong fascination for and dedication to aviation and air sports.


Trond Nyman Aarre and Espen Munthe were trained as paramotor pilots in Augsburg, Germany, with the German photographer Achim Mende as instructor. At the same time, a PagoJet BG11 paramotor was purchased by musician and designer Bernd Gärtig. Well back home in Norway, the first paramotor flight was performed at Skeie airfield approximately a 45 minute drive from Stavanger.


Our CEO, Trond Nyman Aarre, 18 at the time and already a dedicated skydiver and paragliding pilot and instructor, pioneered paramotoring in the Nordic countries and was the first paramotor pilot and instructor in Norway. Trond chaired the first evaluation committee for the legalisation of paramotoring under the Norwegian Airsport Federation. Lars Ove Lofthus became the first official paramotor student in Norway.


PagoJet BG11 was still in excellent condition, but Trond and Lars Ove decided that the design could be both lighter, more affordable and not least with a better design and with significantly better flight characteristics. In collaboration with the Danish aviation pioneer Vincent Seremet, Trond and Lars Ove designed and engineered the first Nordic paramotor model called ‘Skywalker One’. 10 copies were manufactured to be sold in Norway and Denmark.


Trond and Lars Ove purchased all the most well-known frames and engines in the market for active testing. The work of specifying their dream machine starts. In the next few years, the acquisition of other paramotor models gives them a thorough understanding of what is happening in the market at all times, and helps them finding the optimal reference models.


Trond Nyman Aarre and Lars Ove Lofthus allied with Miro Arsov (Evo Aviation, Bulgaria) for the development of a new generation of paramotors. First prototype ready.


After several prototypes and some testing, the two partners disagreed with Miro Arsov about most things and the collaboration was abruptly ended. Both partners agreed to further develop the new generation of paramotors with different angles and approaches and split teams for good. Miro Arsov developed 'Rebel'. Trond and Lars Ove allied with industrial designer Steffen Mølgaard as a new partner and co-owner of Starseed. The work with Starseed X got a much more professional and methodical approach than they had experienced before.


Two prototypes were developed and duly tested. With the goal of an almost perfect framework, work continued on further optimisation at all levels and according to our visions and philosophy of 'Sophisticated Simplicity'.


Two new prototypes were developed. Although we were initially ready for launch, we wanted further insight and response from the market. Several experienced pilots around the world were engaged to provide improvements.


Starseed X is born and represents all our dreams

our office space

Starseed headquarters

Stavanger, Norway

We have a team of pilots working from 4 countries.

Our team brings a wealth of experiencefrom some of the world's most formidable pilots.

Stavanger HQ

Es ist vier Uhr und sechsundvierzig Minuten


Il est quatre heures et quarante-six minutes


It's fourteen minutes tofour



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Excellent flight characteristics

The Starseed X airframe and design concept delivers an all new integrated sensation and feels and acts like an extension of your own body. The unique design concept gives you an all new level of direct control and a felt gear shift which propels you right into the air with an incredible efficiency and with no torque.

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Out of this world design

The very heart of Starseed X is the star that gathers and anchors both the gas tank and the struts and acts as a binding site throughout the design. An accurate and reliable digital fuel gauge without any moving parts is fully integrated into the tank. Designed for maximum portability, Starseed X is easily packed into a suitcase.

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Smart parking and storage solutions

We have challenged the now 30 year old classic method of fixed foot / undercarriage with two brand new approaches, the ‘Tilt Leg’ and the ‘Arm Parking’. The ‘Tilt Leg’ is compact, functional and seamlessly integrated with the Starseed X frame. With ‘Arm Parking’ there will always be a resting position available as a good and minimalist alternative to Tilt Leg.

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Safety features

No more twisting of the arms under load with our anti-torque system which is based on offsetting the arms in relation to the frame (not the raisers in relation to the arms). The tank placed on the back prevents stumbling in the tank during take-off, and a good distance to the hoop and propeller gives a superior view of the wing over the head.

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Other features

Starseed X is made out of the highest quality titan and based on the idea that "Light is right" – without compromising strength. The all time favorite harness Dudek Powerseat Low ensures the best flight experience for long XC flights. Starseed X is optimised for the all new and revolutionary e-82 from e-Flight and the Vittorazi Atom 80 and Moster 185 MY19 for optimal efficiency and flight experience.

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