Starseed X

The Starseed X airframe design delivers an all new integrated sensation and feels and acts like an extension of your own body. The unique design concept gives you a completely new level of direct control and a felt gear shift which propels you right into the air with an incredible efficiency. Based on extensive testing over the last five years and many prototypes later, we have landed what we believe is the perfect balance between the thrust line, the arm attachment points and the raiser attachments. This provides the best possible mix of handling and weight shift capabilities without compromising stability.

Some of the summed-up features of the Starseed X

  • Delivers an all new integrated sensation and feels and acts like an extension of your own body
  • Amazing weight shift capabilities
  • Optimised aerodynamics demands less thrust for the same lift
  • New optional super strong titanium swing arms for dynamic flying and acro
  • All new Apco SLT Low MKII harness - with pivot makes landings even easier than ever before
  • In addition to significantly better aerodynamics, our tank 10 liters fuel tank design also contributes to greater safety as the distance between the pilot and the propeller is somewhat larger than paramotors with only a thin backplate - without compromising flight characteristics.
  • Accurate and reliable fully integrated digital fuel gauge without any moving parts and LCD display for accurate reading
  • Best possible in-built anti-torque system eliminates any felt torque, even on the stronger engines like Moster 185 Plus
  • Optimized balance of materials makes it even lighter and stronger in the event of a hard landing
  • In-built rectractable foot rest for even more effortless flying
  • Super strong neodymium and very light magnet clamps ensure the tilt leg is always secured while flying
  • Amongst the lightest, strongest and long lasting airframes on the market
  • Mounting time below 3 minutes (without any stress)
  • Available as a full conversion kit for existing Starseed X Feather owners.

Excellent flight characteristics

Sophisticated airframe design

There is a reason why backpacks are designed to be worn on your back and not between your legs :-) On Starseed X the fuel tank is raised to become the back panel, thus providing free flow of air around the pilot compared to traditional paramotor designs. This allows us to get more thrust out of every engine on the market - only with less noise and less fuel consumption. Even the smaller and lighter engines deliver remarkably better performance with the optimised aerodynamics found on Starseed X. 

Talking about performance: The weight shift capabilities are way better than we could ever dream of, while still maintaining great stability. On Starseed X you'll find the best possible balance between weight distribution, aerodynamics, weight shift capabilities and safety.

No more torque with our anti-torque system

Our anti-torque system is based on offsetting the arms in relation to the frame (not the raisers in relation to the arms). This way all forces are in line with the arms, creating a more rigid construction with no twisting that can result in bent arms. The solution helps to compensate for and almost equalise the torque effect of the engine and propeller in a magnificent way. This system has proved to work even better than we could have had hoped for. The pilot can change sides according to which engine is fitted to the Starseed X. 

Although the tank is placed on the back, we do not experience any torque steer with our sophisticated, yet very simplified, anti-torque system. Our system offers a stable flight yet retaining full weight shift capabilities. 


Out of this world design

Beautiful and thoughtful sophisticated simplistic design

The very heart of Starseed X is the star that gathers and anchors both the gas tank and the struts and acts as a binding site throughout the design. The star is a significant improvement on how to assemble and tie up paramotors. The concept enables very easy assembly, reduces the amount of materials and provides a high strength with the fewest possible components. The struts are easily inserted into the star and locked with a simple locking pin mechanism that eliminates twisting, and hereby stiffens the whole frame.

Multi sectional frame hoop for easy dismantling and transport

Careful attention has been paid to the ease of assembly and the compact size when disassemble while remaining strong once assembled. The sophisticated design keeps the netting attached correctly aligned at all times. It is quick and above all easy to assemble - once built up, we find power launches are possible from the sturdy titanium hoop. The netting is tensioned using m2 buckles, this allows a small amount of movement while also providing permanent tension and absorption of vibrations. Disassembled, the frames section makes a small curve that can be tucked beside the motor or stored in the optional padded frame bag.

Digital fuel gauge

Accurate and reliable digital fuel gauge without any moving parts, as well as an LCD display for accurate reading, is fully integrated into the tank. A significant challenge with paramotoring is the often missing tank gauge which at all times shows how much gasoline is left in the tank and the status of estimated flight time based on the remaining gasoline. Starseed X is the market's first paramotor with a built-in digital tank gauge and with a very high degree of accuracy.

Fuel cap feature

The fuel cap has beautiful details and contributes to an exclusive expression of Starseed X. The fuel cap can be pressed down after refueling and contributes to a beautiful aesthetics.

Fuel cap in raised position.
Fuel cap in submerged position.

Compact design for transport and storage

Designed for maximum portability, Starseed X is particularly well suited for transport on aircrafts and for storage when the gear is not in use.

Short assembly time

With Starseed X you are ready for take-off in just a few minutes.

Smart parking and storage solutions

We have challenged the now 30 year old classic method of fixed foot /undercarriage with a brand new approach, the Tilt Leg.

Tilt Leg™

The Tilt Leg is compact, functional and seamlessly integrated with the Starseed X frame. Should you want the lightest possible weight with 800 grams of savings, the ‘Tilt Leg’ can be easily dismantled.

An integrated (but removable) retractable foot ensures that the paramotor sits firmly on the ground when not in use. When preparing for take-off, the foot slides nicely away from the legs and unites with the rest of the frame. In flight two strong magnet clips ensures the leg is fastened in a lock position.

Safety features

No more twisting of the arms under load

Our anti-torque system is based on offsetting the arms in relation to the frame (not the raisers in relation to the arms). This way, all forces are in line with the arms, creating a more rigid construction with no twisting that can result in the need for replacing the arms.

Good distance to the hoop and propeller

The tank placed on the back prevents stumbling in the tank during take-off, and a good distance to the hoop and propeller gives a superior view of the wing over the head. You can easily tilt your head right up even with your helmet on.

Other features 


Starseed X is based on the idea that "Light is right" – without compromising strength. The entire frame is made of the highest titan quality available and adapted to paramotoring for the optimal performance. Titanium is 40% lighter than steel, it is stronger than steel and alloys and it is corrosion-resistant with anti-fatigue properties. A titanium paramotor welded in a chamber will look good for years to come: no rust, no cracks, no peeling paint, holding on to its good looks and its residual value.


The new updated Apco SLT harness has the option of side mounted reserve chute, for ease of location and carrying your rescue chute. This can be attached left or right and replaces one of the pockets with a zip on rescue pod, so you always have your rescue chute, plus a clear lap for easy launching.

Optimized for e-Flight e-82, Vittorazi and Corsair engines

The Starseed X airframe supports most engines on the market, and it is possible to custom-order engine plates for most engines on the market. Even with lesser parts and material than most other paramotor frames, this is made possible by the strong construction, intelligent distribution of materials and the binding method. Starseed X is, however, optimised for the all new and revolutionary e-82 from e-Flight (launch date TBD), the Vittorazi Atom 80 and Moster 185 and all Corsair engines for optimal efficiency and flight experience.


e-Flight E82

Vittorazi Atom 80
Vittorazi Moster 185
Corsair engines

Technical specifications

Starseed X airframe orders include
  • Chassis with 10 liter fuel tank
  • SnapOn net + bag
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel line
  • Pulley for hand start
  • Net tensioner
  • 2 carabiners
  • Tool set
  • Starseed Fuel Sensor with PPG meter
  • Engine adapter plate with screws to fix engine to Starseed X (4 bolts from the engine adapter to engine + 4 bolts for engine plate to the airframe)
  • Printed manual and Video manual


The Starseed X is made of an optimal mix of Titanium Grade 2 and Grade 5.

Weights (approximate)

Complete weights

  • Complete weight including airframe, SnapOn net, Apco SLT harness, engine adapter plate, 2 x carabiners, retractable leg, fuel sensor with PPG meter, all fittings: 10.3 kg
  • Complete weight including airframe, SnapOn net, engine adapter plate, 2 x carabiners, retractable leg, fuel sensor with PPG meter, all fittings (but no harness): 8.3 kg
  • Complete weight including airframe, SnapOn net, engine adapter plate, 2 x carabiners, fuel sensor with PPG meter, all fittings (but no harness or retractable leg): 7.9 kg

Weight of individual parts

  • Retractable leg: 400 g
  • Fuel sensor + PPG Meter + battery box including AAA batteries: 220 g
  • Tank: 1.8 kg
  • SnapOn net, complete: 500 g
  • Apco SLT including 2 carabiners: 2 kg

  • Outer hoop diameter: 140 cm
  • With Atom 80 and without hoop: Height (bottom of tank to top of engine): 75 cm / Width: 55 cm / Depth: 52 cm

Transport/storage bag

Starseed X is delivered in a solid cardboard box. Later in 2020 we will make available a purpose built transport/storage bag to order for Starseed X.

Engine adapter plate

If your engine is not in the order list, please contact us at We’ll do our very best to help you! Please note that due to the distinct design of Starseed some engines might not be supported.

Starseed X fuel sensor


  • Fuel level sensor for direct integration with Starseed X tank
  • PPG meter
  • Battery box for AAA batteries
  • Tachometer
  • RPM
  • Start monitoring system – security of engine start
  • Alarms fuel level
  • Fuel level - liter or gallon

The Starseed fuel sensor is made in cooperation with Fly Henry, custom made for the Starseed X fuel tank.

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