Starseed X and e-82 world launch at Coupe Icare 2019

After several years of development and many prototypes, we are finally ready to show the world what we have worked so hard to develop. During this year's Coupe Icare at booth L6, we will showcase production-ready Starseed X airframes and a prototype of a real revolution in the world of paramotor engines, the e-82 from the Italian company e-Flight with the famous engine designer Matteo Asnicar as the lead designer.

The Starseed X airframe and design concept delivers an all new integrated sensation and feels and acts like an extension of your own body. The unique design concept gives you a completely new level of direct control and a felt gearshift which propels you right into the air with an incredible efficiency. Based on extensive testing over the last four years and many prototypes later, we have landed the perfect balance between the thrust line, the arm attachment points and the raiser attachments. This provides the best possible mix of handling and weight shift capabilities without compromising stability.

In short, the synergy of all these factors is fantastic and delivers what we consider the best flying experience to date. Now is the time to let the world get to know our baby.

We look forward seeing you!

Best regards,
Team Starseed X,
Trond, Steffen, Lars Ove and Matteo

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